Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday Drugstore Deals

I ran to Rite Aid on Monday morning. My store was already out of the Dove Men free after rebate product, and I found out from a friend that no store in the entire valley had any in stock. :( Did anyone snag any? I'm totally bummed that they advertised it in their circular but didn't actually have it. But I still came away with a pretty good scenario.

$8.99 Pampers
$4.79 Golden Oreos
$8.99 Schick Quattro
-$5/20 RAQ
-$2.00 Pampers MFQ
-$4.19 Oreos MFQ
= $11.58 + tax
(Get back $3 SCR and $8.99 MIR)

I got the free oreo MFQ from facebook a few weeks ago, but it had a value limit of $4.19 even though they were priced at $4.79. Doesn't that just mean that Rite Aid is overpriced, lol? Oh well. I still came away with close-to-free diapers this week!


Kari said...

Ask your Rite Aid if they will do a swap. Mine offered to send me home with a replacement body wash but would ring up the Dove Men's to use the coupons and rebate.

The Martin Family said...

Yes, Rite Aid is overpriced. I went again today and the lady in front of me had half a basket full of stuff and her total was $122.00. She bought Kleenex, Tide and cake mixes-stuff like that.

Emily Heizer said...

You already got your oreo coupon? I got one too... were those mailed or did we print it straight off line?

I was thinking it would be mailed but now I am worrying it was supposed to be printed and I somehow forgot... :/

Annalisa said...

It was a mailed coupon, don't worry! I actually got another one in the mail yesterday -- I think they are accidentally mailing out duplicates. Score one for us! Hope you get two too.

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