Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday Drugstore Deals

I stopped by Rite Aid and Walgreens on my way to work yesterday to pick up a few good deals this week. Hubby was in desperate need of NyQuil for his cold, and they just happened to be on sale this week at Walgreens!

Rite Aid$9.00 Gillette Fusion
$2.69 Crest Toothpaste
$2.69 Oral-B Toothbrush
$3.99 Starburst candy
$0.00 Starburst candy (BOGO)
$3.59 Milky Way Candy
$0.00 Twix Candy (BOGO)
-$5/20 Rite Aid coupon
-$1.00 Crest MFQ (P&G 9/27)
-$0.75 Oral-B MFQ (P&G 9/27)
-$4 Gillette MFQ (P&G 9/27)
= $11.21 + tax
(And get back $10.38 SCR)

So I got some cheap Halloween candy at Rite Aid this week by using the $5/20 coupon!

Transaction #1:
$6.99 Vaseline Lotion
-$1.50 MFQ HERE
= $5.49 + tax
(And I got back a $7 RR)

Transaction #2:
$5.00 NyQuil
$5.00 NyQuil
$0.39 Ramen
-$1 MFQ NyQuil (P&G 9/27)
-$1 MFQ NyQuil (P&G 9/27)
-$7 RR (from first transaction)
= $1.39 + tax
(And got back $5 RR)

So overall I spent $6.88 + tax at Walgreens for all of the above items, and I've still got a $5 RR in my pocket for next week's deals. Not too bad, especially since I actually needed the NyQuil!

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