Thursday, March 12, 2009

Walgreens: Converting your RR's

Now that I've got $60's in RR's (register rewards) in my pocket from all the Huggies deals this week, I decided I needed to either buy things I need or convert them into cash!

To convert a register reward to cash:
  • Purchase monthly FAR (free after rebate) items using your register rewards
  • Request your rebate in the form of a check!

Yesterday I bought a bottle of the Memory Formula Vitamins ($19.99) and 3 packs of orbit (3/$99 after ESQ). I paid for these items using two $10 RR's, and voila! I'll be getting a check for $19.99 back at the end of the month!

$19.99 Memory Formula
$0.99 Orbit gum x 3 (after ESQ)
-$10 RR
-$10 RR
$0.95 + tax!
(And I'll get a $19.99 easy-saver rebate check!)

You can purchase one bottle of Memory Formula per rebate account.

Total spent for February: $29.91 (I've got $20 in RR's still in my pocket!)
Total saved for February: $260.xx

1 comment:

Jamie said...

You are so amazing at this! Awesome idea!

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