Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How I Get Free Groceries

I got some free cheese at Smith's last night. Here's how you can get some too!

I was doing my regular shopping and I came across some marked down cheese on the dairy aisle. The Cache Valley shredded cheese (4 cups) was marked down 50% to $2.99 because it was getting close to the sell by date. By close I mea
n April 15. Not that close -- still plenty of time to use or freeze.

In front of the cheese was a tearpad of $0.55 manufacturer's coupons for any Cache Valley product. When I turned the corner I found a giant Budweiser display with some beer tearpad rebates. I LOVE these! Here is what a beer rebate looks like:

It basically states buy $15 worth of certain grocery items and we'll mail you a check for $15. How cool is that?!? No beer purchase necessary! Budweiser comes out with rebates like this about once a month in Utah, usually coinciding with holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Superbowl, etc). I've done these 10 or 12 times and never had one denied, they always come. If you ever have a question about what items qualify, call the number on the rebate and ask -- their support is super helpful.

So, with my rebate in hand, I went back to the cheese aisle and grabbed 6 bags of the marked down Cache Valley cheese, and 6 of the tearpad coupons. My total came to $15.18 after coupons and tax. The rebate uses the pre-coupon price, so I was still over the $15 mark for the rebate. Here's what the receipt looks like:

Now I've got a freezer full of free cheese (that would have cost me $36 retail) and a $15 rebate on it's way to me!

I have two extra rebates that I'd love to give away to two people who can use them. To be entered in the drawing, leave me a comment with your email address. I'll choose two winners Thursday morning at 8AM (3/19/09) and the winners will be notified via email to get mailing info. Good luck!


Kristen said...

Hi, my email address is tiseli82@gmail.com
I have had a hard time finding them lately so I would love to be the winner!

Katie said...

My email is katieandaaron@gmail.com.

Thank you!

Brin said...

My e-mail address is brinsaunders@gmail.com
I never find beer rebates.

Jamie said...

Awesome job!


The Aamodt Family said...

my e-mail is danaamodt@msn.com.


Kristen said...

My email is deedra10@gmail.com

Jinxy and Me said...

I have been looking for this form! (My e-mail is in my Blogger profile)

us said...

I would love one! I can never seem to find them! my email is mollyally@hotmail.com

Purplemommi said...

This is awesome. Thanks. What a great deal.

Brooke said...

Wow! I had no idea! That is great! I would love a rebate form. I love getting things in the mail. Especially when it's a check! Thanks for the tips! Brooke @ brookekedd@hotmail.com

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