Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Rite Aid Wellness+ Coupons

There are some great Rite Aid coupons that just came out yesterday! These will pair well with some of this week's deals! Check them out HERE. (You have to login to see them.)

  • Save $2 off any cough, cold or allergy product $2.99+
  • Save $1 off any seasonal purchase $1.99+
  • Save $2 off any vitamin purchase $2.99+
  • Save $2 off any cosmetic purchase $2.99+

$6.99 Almay Concealer
$0.00 Almay Concealer (BOGO)
-$2 cosmetic RAQ
-$5 SCR wyb 2

$12.99 Visine Anti-Itch Relief
-$2 cold/allergy RAQ
-$12.99 MIR (RP 3/14)
= $5 profit!
(And qualifies $12.99 towards the buy $50, get $25 J&J SCR!)

$5.29 Sudafed PE
$5.29 Sudafed PE
-$2 in-ad RAQ
-$2 cold/allergy RAQ
-$2 Sudafed MFQ (SS 3/14) x 2
= $2.58
(And qualifies $10.58 towards the buy $50, get $25 J&J SCR!)

$1.98 Hershey's Bagged Candy x 3
-$2.00/3 in-ad MFQ
-$2.00/3 MFQ (SS 3/14)
-$1 seasonal RAQ
= $0.94/3

(Note: the Rite Aid coupon policy states that they accept one MFQ per item, "unless coupled with another manufacturer coupon found in a Rite Aid circular." So this is a valid scenario!)


Rainbow said...

Have you tried using the seasonal RAQ's here in Utah? They say in the fine print that they are only valid in the 4 markets that have the wellness+ program.

Annalisa said...

I have used the seasonal RAQ's here in Utah and they go through just fine. I think the wording on the coupon must be a mistake, because those 4 markets were the test markets for the Wellness+ program, but now it has been opened up to other markets (including ours, because it allows us to sign up for it here in Utah).

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